About Us

Kahal Yereim is a vibrant community of mevakshim in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Come and check us out, and experience our heimishe, welcoming environment, powerful davening, chassidishe divrei Torah, and delicious hot kiddush!

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to connect to the heart and soul of Yiddishkeit

Kahal Yereim is a kehilla of energetic families of Bnei Torah who are working together to build a warm heimishe nusach sefard Shul in the Thornhill area. We are committed to the combination of powerful davening and the inspiring Torah of Breslov, Slonim, Izhbitz, Chabad and all Seforim HaKedoshim. We support achdus amongst Yirei Shomayim from all streams of true Torah Judaism – we are truly Kahal Yereim.


Nusi Hakavod

HoRav Shloime Yitzchok Bixenspanner, a native of Montreal, is the founder of Kahal Yereim of Toronto, and the first rav of Kahal Yereim of Thornhill.

A truly world class rav, Rav Bixenspanner is the author of numerous seforim, as well as being an sought after posek, and an expert in shechitah and eruvin.

Shortly after moving the congregation from Toronto to Thornhill, Rabbi Bixenspanner accepted a position as the rav of the Hendon Adas Yisroel Congregation in London, England.

It is a tremendous zchus that our kehilla continues to receive guidance from Rav Bixenspanner as the “Nusi HaKavod” of Kahal Yereim of Thornhill.

Mara d’Asra

Rav Avraham Gislason took the helm of the Shul after our first rav, and now nasi, became the rav of HAYC in London, England.

Rav Gislason studied in Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in Yerushalayim, as well as Darchei Torah, Nesiv Olam, Kollel Avreichim, and Yeshivas Ner Yisroel all of which are in Toronto. He received semicha “Yoreh Yoreh” from both Rav Reuven Silver Shlit”a R”M of Nesiv Olam and Rav Eliezer Breitowitz Shlit”a Rosh Yeshiva of Darchei Torah.

Rav Gislason is passionate about learning and davening, and in particular promoting respect and ahavas Yisroel between all streams of b’nei Torah. He is fuelled by Toras Chassidus from Breslov, Slonim, Piazetzna, Izhbitz, Chabad, and others, and is always excited to welcome new people into our kehilla.

Families at the Shteeble

General Overview

B”H we are a congregation with many young families!  There is a small ladies section in the main shul downstairs, and many ladies prefer to remain on the main floor with their children and friends.  There is also a program for young children beginning at 9:30am Shabbos morning and finishing at kiddish time.

There is also a Pirchei program for Grade 1-3 boys in the summer months led by Reb Yankel Flusberg and Micha Gordon.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to properly respect our neighbours and avoid excessive noise, we ask that parents make sure their children know to keep the noise to a minimum when outside the house/shul, and not to play on the west side of the house (toward Bathurst).  


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It is a wonderful way to honor, a memory, an individual or even a birthday date. 


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