Friday Night

Our Friday night davening begins with herring and a l’chaim, around licht tzinin.  About 5 minutes after hadlokas neiros we daven mincha, followed by a leibidig, connective,  high energy Carlebach Kabbolas Shabbos, replete with lots of singing and dancing.  From the start of Mincha to the end of Maariv is approximately 1 hour.

Shabbos Day

The shul is open at 7:15am for chassidus shiur in various Seforim Hakedoshim with the Rav before davening. Learn on your own, or join the shiur where they will be happy to welcome you.

Shacharis – 9:15am

Kiddush – Approximately 11:30

Likutei Moharan Shiur – 1 hour before mincha

Mincha – 40 minutes before hadlokas neiros followed by Shalosh Seudos

Maariv –  Approximately 53 – 55 minutes after Shkiya

For more info and exact times, contact us and request to be put on the email list. 


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